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Greek for the Bible

Are you ready to learn Bible Greek?


"It's GREEK to Me!"


     Have you ever desired to look into the background of the Holy Bible?  Have you ever wished you could do indepth word studies, using the Koine Greek used by Apostle Paul to write the New Testament text? 

    Have you bought computer software to help you learn Koine Greek only to find it still remains confusing?  Or did you find some free lessons on YouTube, but it only taught you a little bit?  Worse, there wasn't anyone you could contact to ask for help.  This is one of the benefits of taking a Koine Greek class  "LIVE" with a real live instructor who is there to answer your questions concerning the grammar and syntax used in the text.

     Rev. J. is NOW offering a "LIVE" class on the Koine Greek used in the Bible.  The class will consist of either 4 weeks (three "2-hour" sessions) per day or 6 weeks (two "2-hour" sessions) each day. 

     This class is intended for people who have a deep hunger to know more of the Word of God and are willing to put into the class the time needed for study.  This is not a class to learn modern Greek for the purpose of international travel, but a class dealing with the ancient Greek language.

If an area would like to host this class, please contact the instructor.  Various discounts are applied on a group basis.


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