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Greek for the Bible


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Should the need arise that a student cannot complete the entire class, the following is our policy concerning refunds:


If payment was made in full before the beginning of the class for either the "Regular" or "Semi-Accelerated" Class, the refund that you will receive is listed below:


                                (6 Week)     (4Week)   

  After 1st. session:    $642.00       $734.00    

 After 2nd. session:     $584.00       $668.00      

  After 3rd. session:    There are no refunds allowed.


***There are no refunds for sessions missed due to non-attendance.  If you choose to not attend one of the sessions, then that was your choice.***
**Refund of monies paid for books are as follows:  If books have not been used, a full refund minus S/H & a $10.00 restocking fee. 

***If "Pay per Session" option was chosen, there will not be any further charges and therefore this option is ineligible for any refunds.***

***If the 12-month plan was utilized monies refunded will be less any Administrative fees.***


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It is assumed that each and every student that enrolls in any of the "It's Greek to Me" class formats, that they are acknowledging that they will in good faith perform the necessary in-class, take-home and reading assignments that are given by the instructor in order that they may obtain the full benefit of these classes.  If any student chooses to not perform these in good faith and they feel that they have not received the full benefits of these classes, they acknowledge that they hold the instructor harmless and void of any liability since  the instructor will have fulfilled the stated goals of the class being taught.  They also agree to accept all liability that the responsibility for any acquired learning rests fully with the student.

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