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Greek for the Bible


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This class is ideal for those who LOVE the LIVING AND THE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD; but cannot attend Bible college to do indepth Bible studies using Koine Greek.  Some students may feel that they can just "get by" by using Strong's Concordance, and yes, it will give you the Greek word and its lexical meaning.  But when you actually begin to know Greek, this is when you are able to delve into the finer tenses of the words, which is far richer than just the lexical meaning can provide to the student. 
Cost of "Regular" class for 6 weeks (on Saturdays)-(two "2 hour" sessions) of instruction:
Tuition:  $700.00
Cost of the "Semi-Accelerated Class" in 
4 weeks (on Saturdays)-(three "two-hour" sessions) for those that are within the driveable distance from the instructor.
Tuition: $800.00
Note: to utilize the "Regular" or "Semi-Accelerated" class formats, the host must be in a 200 mile radius from the instructor(central Illinois). If not within the prescribed range, additional costs will apply.
The cost of these classes does not include your books:
***There is a minimum class size of 5 students.  Unless prior approval of instructor is obtained at her discretion*** 
So, get a group together in your church of others who also love studying the Word of God in an indepth manner.  Ask your Pastor if the church will host this class.  Pass the word around in your area to the other churches that this class is now available. A discount can be obtained if your church hosts this class.  Contact for more information!
Also, check out our easy payment plans for this class!

Class Choices/Prices
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The current cost of a Bible college course consisting of three semester hours that meets for three hours every week ranges from $1,200.00 to $1,800.00 and this does not include your text books.
So take advantage of this discount.  The course is taught by an instructor that graduated from seminary with a Master of Divinity degree. 


It's time to finally decide if learning Koine Greek is the best choice for you at this time.  Knowing the Biblical Greek that is behind the English translations that you read is of an incomparable worth as a dedicated and diligent student of the Word of God.
Please email us if you have any other questions concerning the class, the cost or the textbooks.

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Red Hand Pointing Right