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Axiology:  from the Greek axios (άξιος, value, worth), is the study of value or quality (Wikipedia).  
Christology:  is a field of study within Christian theology which is concerned with the nature of Jesus the Christ, particularly with how the divine and human are related in his person. Christology is generally less concerned with the details of Jesus' life than with how the human and divine co-exist in one person (Wikipedia).
Cosmology:  The study of the origin and structure of the universe.
Demonology: is the systematic study of demons or beliefs about demons.  Insofar as it involves exegesis, demonology is an orthodox branch of theology.  It is the branch of theology relating to superhuman beings who are not gods (Wikipedia).
Divine Anthropology:  God's Divine attributes and the laws He has enacted as we approach Him in our Worship.
Hamartiology:  From hamartia + logos. This is the study  of sin, its nature, derivation and classifications (Ibid.).
Pneumatology:  From pneuma + logos. This involves the study of the Person of the Holy Spirit (Ibid.).
Soteriology:  is the branch of theology that deals with salvation. Christian soteriology traditionally focuses on how God ends the separation peoplehave from him due to sin by reconciling them with  himself (Wikipedia).

Syncretism:  consists of the attempt to reconcile disparate or contradictory beliefs, often while melding practices of various schools of thought. The term may refer to attempts to merge and analogize several originally discrete traditions, especially in the theology and mythology of religion, and thus assert an underlying unity allowing for an inclusive approach to other faiths (Wikipedia).

Theodicy:  A term coined by Leibnitz to refer to a   theoretical justification of the goodness of God in the face of the presence of evil in the world (McGrath).

Theology Proper:  From theos + logos. This is the study of the essence, being, and trinity of God(McGrath).


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